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Raffia & Hat Making Supplies

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Braided Wheat Straw
Order Number Description Size Price  
BWS6 Braided Wheat Straw

6mm wide
65 yards

1/4 inches appro $22.50

Price: $22.50

BWS10 10mm wide
70 yards
3/8 inches approx $16.85

Price: $16.85

BWS12 12mm wide
70 yards
1/2 inches approx $17.25

Price: $17.25

Order Number Description Size Price  
BWS-S BWS-S 24mm wide
50 yards
15/16 inches approx $16.20

Price: $16.20

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Plaited Raffia

Plaited raffia is a very pliable hand-made material intended to be used for Raffia hat-making. Generally speaking, it takes about 30-40 feet of raffia per hat.This material is also excellent for accents for baskets and can be easily dyed.

Many project ideas include window valances, decorative trim and edgings.

Order Number Width 100ft coil View  
NR-PP-15 5/8"      
NR-PP-20 3/4" $0.30/ft or $30.00 ea. Plaited Raffia

Price: $30.00

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Order Number Description Price/ 1/2 lb. box  
T-PIN T-pin $25.00

Price: $25.00

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Make a Raffia Hat

Make a Raffia Hat, by Ann Fennell Order Number: B0856 Price: $7.95
A very basic book on how to make raffia hats. Lots of step-by-step photos to make your first hat easy... easier than you think. Try it with braided wheat or braided seagrass as well.

Price: $7.95

Raffia Hat Making

Raffia Hat Making, by Ann Fennell Order Number: B0852 Price: $9.95
Raffia hats have undergone a revival, and are now in demand as a practical and stylish accessory. Simple, step-by-step instructions. Can also be made with seagrass and wheatstraw.

Price: $9.95

Raffia Hats and Bags

Raffia Hats and Bags, by Ann Fennell Order Number: B0853 Price: $9.95
The second book by Ann Fennell. Contains step-by-step instructions for eight separate projects, using techniques ranging form traditional raffia plait to cross weave, eyelet weave and raffia crochet.

Price: $9.95

The Complete Photo Guide to Felting, by Ruth Lane
Number: B0002 Price: $24.99
If you are just beginning, you'll find learning easy with the step-by-step instructions, photos, and charts that teach you the basics and far beyond. You'll return to this book for guidance and inspiration again and again!

Price: $24.99