Did You Know
  • When using binder cane, separate the long strands from the short strands before you start your project.
  • In seat weaving, if you use the longs trands first, your project will go quicker, and you will have less binder to attach.
  • You can join binder together on the underside of the chair by using a paper stapler to hold the pieces together. When the job is complete, you can pull out any staples that are showing.
Hans Wegner Double Twist Basket Weave Caning
Double Twist - Step 1 Double Twist - Step 2 Double Twist - Step 3 Double Twist - Step 4 Double Twist - Step 5
Start weave with medium binder cane that has been soaked for 10 minutes. Weave one under and two over with the binder on rail and finish by stapling the end of the weaver Do a Horizontal start weave and end weave first to start double twist as shown in the picture Work Vertical Straps as shown Continue horizontal straps as shown Completed Danish modern furniture with a Double Twist pattern
Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 2 Photo 2 Photo 2
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Butt Joint Weave
Butt Joint Weave - Step 1 Butt Joint Weave - Step 2 Butt Joint Weave - Step 3 Butt Joint Weave - Step 4 Butt Joint Weave - Step 5
Soak medium binder cane for 10-15 minutes then fold binder at 90 degree angle Staple binder cane at desired spot to start wrap Wrap around the stick and end the piece of binder as shown Start second piece next to the first, but in the opposite direction End the piece of binder the same way as the first
Butt Joint Weave - Step 6
Remove any excess with scissors or a razor
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