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Huntington Beach, Ca. 92647
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chair caning and seat weaving

Section One - Chair Caning & Seat Weaving Supplies

Cane Webbing
Caning Tools
Colored Fibre Rush
Danish Cord
Danish Nails
Fibre Rush
Hand Caning Kits

Natural Binder Cane
Natural Rush
Natural Strand Cane
Paper Weaves
Paper Webbing
PK Grass
Plastic Cane

Rattan Re-Wrapping Kits
Reed Spline
Shaker Tape
Shaved Slab Rattan
Wire Nails
Wire Rush

Wicker Repair

Section Two - Wicker Repair & Upholstery Supplies

Antique Decorative Nails
Braided Round Reed
Braided Seagrass
Fibre Braids
Fibre Wicker
Fibre Wicker Tape

Flat Fibre
Flat Oval Reed
Flat Reed
Half-Round Reed Weave
Hemp String Twine
Jute Webbing

Plaited Seagrass

Plastic Wicker
Rawhide Strips
Round Reed
Upholstery Tools
Wicker Handles & Knobs
Wire Rush

Basketry Supplies

Section Three - Basketry and Fibre Arts Supplies

Basket Bases
Binder Cane
Flat Oval Reeds
Flat Reeds

Hickory Splints
Rattan Rings
Round Reeds

Tissue Flex
Wood Hoops and Handles

wood furniture

Section Four - Wood Parts and Wood Furniture Kits

Oak Dowels

Oak Spindles
Screw Hole Plugs

Spiral Dowel Pins
Stool Kits


Section Five - Raffia, Hat Making and Weaving Supplies

Artificial Sinew
Braided Wheat Straw
Coconut Fibre
Cotton Cordage
Fleece twine
Natural Colored Raffia
Natural Jute Twine

Natural Manila Fibre

Natural Raffia
Natural Raffia Braided
Natural Raffia Bundles
Plaited Raffia
Processed Colored Raffia
Raffia Carpet
Raffia Fabric Fine & Coarse

Sisal Cordage
Sisal Twine
Synthetic Raffia
Water Hyacinth
Waxed linen
Waxed Polyester Twine
Wheat Weaving Books

Section Six - Bamboo and Rattan Poles

Bamboo Bark
Bamboo Planks
Black and Brown Bamboo
Rattan Poles

Shakuhachi Flute Blanks
Tiger Rattan
Tortoise Shell Bamboo
Tortoise Shell Rattan

Turtle Bamboo
Wangi Bamboo Root
Yellow Bamboo

tropical decor

Section Seven - Tropical decor

Bamboo Benches
Bamboo Board
Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo Specialty Products

Bamboo Veneer
Bamboo Working Tools
Rattan Frames

Thatch Raincape Sheets
Thatch Raincape Umbrella
Tropical Matting

bamboo fences

Section Eight - Fences and Gates

Black Bamboo
Reed Flower


Bamboo Garden
Yellow Bamboo

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